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The Dogwood starts at $2,600 and includes the following:

Custom = size 16 x 12 pressure treated pine pergola materials and installation. 

  • Lumber dimensions are 6” x 6” support post, 2” x 8” support beams, 2” x 10” joists, and 2” x  2” top slats to provide shade on 6” centers. 

  • Support post will be set in at least 100 to 120 pounds of concrete. 

  • Pergolas installed on top of an existing patio will have a metal support bracket attached with specialty concrete anchors to the existing patio.

  • Metal brackets eliminate the need for concrete around the support post. 

  • All pergolas include ledger lock lag bolts and exterior grade screws for construction.


Optional Upgrades Include:

  • Cedar Lumber: $4,415
  • 8"x8" support posts: $260 x 4
  • 2"x4" shade slats: $650
  • Custom Curved Corner Brackets: $35 x 8



The Dogwood | 16'x12'

Support Posts
Shade Slats
Custom Curved Corner Brackets