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Attached or Freestanding



Pine / Cedar



Shade Slats



Support Posts

We offer Pressure Treated Pine and Cedar lumber for your build. Both are great choices for a beautiful pergola.

Pressure Treated Pine lumber is the cost efficient option, while Cedar is a more expensive, yet worthwhile investment.

Our standard pergolas are built with the classic 2"x2" shade slats located on the very top. We offer upgraded 2"x4" slats to provide you the option for a bit more shade while still allowing light to come through.

This an option to consider if you'd like to have a metal roof installed later on.

The standard post size on all of our pergolas is 6"x6". While they are an adequate size,

we like to give the option of 8"x8" posts for a more substantial look.


Tongue and Groove Ceiling


Deck Board Ceiling


Metal Roof

Although all that is needed to install a metal roof properly are 2x4's, a ceiling can polish off your pergola's appearance. This will also cover any exposed areas of your metal roof.

Deck boards are offered as a second ceiling option. This ceiling is just as effective as the tongue and groove ceiling, but will save money in comparison.   

Sun coverage can be crucial to enjoy a backyard.

Metal roofs are not only appealing to the eye, but they also enable you to enjoy the outdoors in rain or shine.

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