Wood Panel




We have three pre-quoted pergola sizes :

  1. Willow 12x12

  2. Dogwood 16x12

  3. Chestnut 20x16

We are happy to bid you a custom sized pergola! Please send us message!

Every pergola is available in either Cedar or Pressure Treated Pine lumber. 


Pressure Treated Pine:

  • Cost efficient and long lasting

  • Able to be stained or painted after lumber is weathered 


  • High quality lumber 

  • Guaranteed to keep shape over time



There are many upgrades to consider for your pergola:

  • Shade Slat & Post size - Each pergola starts with 2x2" shade slats and 6x6" posts.  You have the option to make them wider/larger.

  • Curved Corner Brackets - A decorative curve accent to the corner brackets that are otherwise a straight edge. 

  • Wrapped Posts - An addition to the bottom of each post either 6" or 8" high x 2" thick

  • Metal RoofEach roof is priced differently depending on the size of pergola, coming in either a black or brown color.

  • Tongue and Groove ceiling - Other wise exposed rafters, this covers them and any wires and outlets you may install.

  • Privacy Screen/s - Add barriers to both of one side of your pergola.



  1. Once you have agreed to and signed your contract we will provide you with an approximate start date. There is always potential this could be postponed due to weather.

  2. A day before your materials arrive we will come collect a 50% retainer in the form of a check or cash. If you would like to pay in full you can pay here on the website with a credit or debit card.

  3. Your lumber will be delivered either on the day of installation or a few days prior.

  4. During install we will keep you as updated as possible.

  5. Once everything is complete we will come collect the remaining 50% and take photos!